Ethiopian Prince to Visit Historical Churches and Institutions in Chicago


March 16, 2014

As movies such as “12 Years A Slave” are praised for their depiction of black history during slavery, the Queen of Sheba Historical Research Foundation, Inc., in Chicago believes black history must not be restricted to the history of slavery alone.

Join the Queen of Sheba Foundation at the DuSable Museum in Chicago

Join the Queen of Sheba Foundation at the DuSable Museum in Chicago on June 29, 2014 when Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, grandson of King Haile Selassie I, presents an enlightening scholarly presentation on “The Solomonic Dynasty and The Throne of David in Ethiopia. Come learn and reconnect to your Royal History–before slavery.

Chicago, Illinois

In answer to the question “Can knowledge of self really make a difference?” Wolette Selassie President of the Queen of Sheba Foundation responds, “It is important for our people, particularly black youth, to know about the history of ancient Ethiopia, which we are about to reveal, because we believe it will offer a higher cultural identity for black Americans than a history which is restricted to slavery alone.”

In the quest to reconnect black Americans to their ancient royal history, before slavery, Queen of Sheba is hosting His Highness Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, grandson of King Haile Selassie I, at the DuSable Museum in Chicago on June 29 2014. Prince Ermias will be presenting a lecture on ancient Ethiopia and his family’s royal legacies.

“The Queen of Sheba has conducted 40 years of investigative research that links His Highness’ royal lineage to “Cush” of Genesis 2:13 and also to the biblical Throne of David,” Wolette Selassie said. She further states, “The Queen of Sheba can now answer the question, ‘why is the African presence missing from the Bible?’” The answer will be presented at their inaugural event in June.

Prince Ermias’ visit to Chicago occurs during two historic anniversaries: the 60th anniversary of his grandfather’s, King Haile Selassie I, visit in 1954; and the 78th anniversary of Prince Lij Zaphiro’s visit in 1936 to garner support for Ethiopia during the fascist genocide of the Ethiopian people from 1935-1941.

This historic event is taking place in partnership with the DuSable Museum and the historic Chicago Defender Newspaper, which has historically supported Ethiopia since 1908.

Like his grandfather before him, Prince Ermias wants to connect with local leaders, continue dialogue with black churches and to invite black Americans to become aware of their connections to this history.

While in Chicago, Prince Ermias will make courtesy calls at Chicago Defender Headquarters, Rainbow PUSH and the South Park Baptist Church, where his grandfather was graciously received in 1954. The media is invited to speak with Prince Ermias and hear information about the Queen of Sheba Research Foundation’s incredible work

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