Reports of ‘negotiations’ with Ethiopia is just a ‘hearsay’ : Isaias


Feb. 10, 2014

In a live interview he held with the Eritrean Television in the port city of Massawa yesterday, the Eritrean President said that recent reports that he has been seeking ‘negotiations’ with Ethiopia is just a ‘hearsay’ .  Isaias said these are Public Relations tactics used by the Ethiopian ruling Front in times of political tension and weakness.

” They say they want talks, negotiations and so on. These are just propaganda and kiddish games. They attempt to tarnish our images through such methods. There is no such thing going on and the youth both inside and outside the country should know this” Isaias said.

He also said that he had never said “Eritrea cannot fulfill its destiny without Ethiopia” as was quoted in a recent article written by an American diplomat Hank Cohen.

Re: food, the President also pointed out that the Government continues to exert stepped-up endeavors towards introducing irrigation farming on a bigger scale without relying on the intermittent pattern of rainfall in the country.

As regards housing construction programs, he elucidated that the national construction companies have been merged with a view to facilitating the process of securing technological expertise in line with the launching of 3 housing development regions nationwide. President Isaias further stated that pilot projects have already been launched in the environs of the capital.

The President elucidated that nationals who have been discharging national responsibilities with sense of selflessness should be the primary beneficiaries of residential housing facilities. He went on to indicate that a task force has been set up in a bid to control illicit practices of land use, and that the necessary rectifications would be resorted to pertaining to land distribution and use.

Apart from disclosing that various infrastructure projects have been set for implementation this year on priority basis, President Isaias said that new electrification schemes would be implemented in different parts of the country giving priority to ongoing agricultural and infrastructure development undertakings. He also outlined the electrification programs mapped out on the basis of sustainability criterion anchored on regional settings.

President Isaias further gave detailed briefings regarding the issues of health, organizational restructuring and strengthening the People’s Front, among others.

Source : Agencies