Theodros sends another message on his Vlog


January 28, 2014
De Birhan
Theodros Girma, who has been posting thought provoking vlogs on his Youtube account for the past few weeks, has released his fourth video message titled ‘the calling 4’. In this video, he particularly addresses and responds to another Ethiopian person whom he shuns from referring by his real name . Theodros says that he had listened to the man ‘advocating the use Mencha and killing of people of another faith’.  He said he had witnessed the massacre by the followers of Jara (the late leader of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) near the monastery he used to live in. and then the Islamic Oromia Liberation Front (IOLF))He says although he himself wanted to face such people in the battlefront (extremists as he refers to them), God told him that he will pay him back. Theodros warns the person he is referring to in the clip to refrain from making such ‘religiously biased and destructive statements’ in the future.  At one point Theodros says to “Go and ask your Sheikhs in Wollo, Ethiopia. They/It has been written about me  ages ago”. He also refers to the meaning and value of the ‘Throne’ in various phases of his message.

In his last clip, Theodros starting his message with a Christian religious blessing had asked his audience which government (the Heavenly or the earthly) government human beings and Ethiopians in particular are serving or obeying. He challenged his audience why they are heading to Church on Sabbath Sunday for repentance and prayer and do sins on weekdays. At the end of the short clip, Theodros claims that he is passing such messages not told by any religious figure or clergy but by the “Holy Spirit and God” Who communicated him.

Watch the video below,