Ethiopia’s son, Teddy Afro “calling for unity amongst Africans” in Coke Studo Africa


Jan. 9, 2014

Ethiopia’s most loved young activist, philanthropist and singer, Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro), has released a single video song together with famous African artists titled “Togetherness”.  Coke Studio Africa  on its offical account said “the artists come together with a musical message for Africa, calling for unity amongst Africans on the Season 1 Finale”. Coke Studio Africa is a convergence of a diverse number of prominent African artists coming together to produce exciting new performances and combine various genres of music from all around Africa. Coke Studio Africa embarks on its first season bringing together artists from different parts of Africa to co-create music in a fusion style. Teddy Afro is representing Ethiopia.

Although some Diaspora based activists had last month campaigned against his planned local musical tour in Ethiopia saying that on a music album he released two years ago, he praised a controversial Ethiopian emperor, King Menelik II,  Teddy’s fame and support continued to increase astonishingly and astronomically.

Minutes after the news of the release of his song was posted on Facebook, it got over a thousand Likes and Shares plus 250 comments.

The post also attested that Teddy Afro’s new Song for the Brazil World Cup 2014 will be released soon.



On Coke Studio Africa’s Youtube account so far, Teddy is one of the fusion of singers in this song who have got the most comment directed to.