Mengistu Hailemariam not impressed with the damming of Abay


Dec. 14, 2013

Former Ethiopian President Mengistu Hailemariam, in an interview with an Ethiopian Diaspora Voice Chat room, said last Tuesday that the building of the Abay Dam is not to be prioritized and is only a political/propaganda strategy used by the Ethiopian regime. Mengistu said he is not a fan of any damming scheme on the Abay River. He said there are many other rivers to be dammed before Abay. He also mentioned that international financiers had offered his regime finance to Dam the Abay river but refused it ‘analyzing the consequences’. Mengistu  also spoke on the death of Nelson Mandela, the persecution of Ethiopian migrant workers in the Middle East, the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and other issues.

To Listen to the interview Click  Mengistu HaileMariam

Mengistu Hailemariam’s Interview