Ethiopia’s first girl band Yegna debuts its second music video “TAITU” today on Youtube, Diretube and Facebook. Featuring legendary singer Aster Aweke, it’s a tribute to Queen Taitu and to all the girls who share her courage and conviction.WATCH IT HERE.


In the video, a magic mirror whisks a young student out of her classroom and into a future where she sees herself as an airline pilot, firefighter and Prime Minister, alongside the Yegna girls.

AlemHailu, a14-year-old girl from Bahir Dar, said; “I love this song. This is the kind of thing that all Ethiopian’s should be singing about. This is not just for girls, but for all of us.”

Band member and YEGNA actress Lemlem Haile Michael, who plays Mimi in the drama, said: “Empress Taitu is one of Ethiopia’s most celebrated women, who played a critical role in the country’s history. I believe that all Ethiopian girls can find some of Taitu’s courage and wisdom within them. This song shows us that there are lots of ways for girls to achieve their dreams.”

“TAITU” was shot entirely in Ethiopia and produced by Ethiopian company Mango Production Ltd.

YEGNA’s first music video ABET has been viewed more than 650,000 times online and recently won Best Single at the Leza Listeners’ Choice Awards 2013. More than 24,000 people attended one of the band’s first two music concerts in Akaki and Bahir Dar earlier this month.

Founder of KembattiMentiGezzimma EthiopiaDr. Bogaletch Gebre,who won the 2012-2013 King Baudouin African Development Prize for her inspirational leadership and her determination to empower the women of Ethiopia, said; “YEGNA’s energy is contagious; their smile is infectious; the lyrics of their songs are inspiring and educational and their modesty is Ethiopian. They are the phenomenon of the new beginning for womanhood in Ethiopia.”

The YEGNA drama and music launched in April this year. The drama follows the story of five very different girls whose shared love of music creates an unlikely, but strong, friendship. The girls go on to form a band and each episode features a new song.

 Series two of the YEGNA drama began on 27 October 2013 on Sheger, Bahir Dar, Dessie&DebreBerhan FM. Sundays 1-2pm and Thursday 5-6pm.