Interview with a female Qene teacher


Nov. 25, 2013

This is an interview with a a female Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Qene Teacher/Memhirt Emahoy Amete Mariam of Bahir Dar Giorgis Church Northern Ethiopia. The video was uploaded on youtube by QeneOnNet Gothe.

Qene is an Ethiopian style of speech, where one says one thing while implying a different meaning at the same time and in the same sentence. Qene can usually be expressed in a poetic form or in a prose, containing the two parts of ‘sem’ and ‘werk,’ (wax and gold,) all within the same expression. The wax and gold analogy comes from  the craft of the goldsmith during the making of jewelry. Thus, encrypting a hidden message in Qene is an ancient art of creating more than one meaning, where the apparent ‘wax’ and the hidden, ‘gold,’ are intertwined in the same sentence.