Tanzania shuts down two newspapers


By AFRICA REVIEW CORRESPONDENT / Monday, September 30  2013 at  08:10

The Tanzanian government has banned the production of two newspapers.

Mwananchi and Mtanzania newspapers were stopped for three weeks and three months respectively.

This was announced Saturday by Director of Information Department, Assa Mwambene.

Mr Mwambene alleged that the papers published seditious stories that aimed to provoke discontent between the government and public.

The ban, he said, was printed in Government notice No. 333 of Friday, September 27 and was in effect since then.

According to the statement, Mwananchi, owned by the Kenya-headquartered Nation Media Group, on July 17 published a story on new government salary structures retrieved from a confidential document embargoed for publication.

On the second count, according to the statement, the paper published a story on Saturday, August 17 saying Muslims prayed under heavy security, “The news was accompanied by a picture of a dog, which translated that police took the dog to the worship area, which was not true,” reads the statement in part.

Mr Mwambene said Mtanzania was warned on a number of occasions but opted to defy the Registrar of Newspapers directives and published a number of stories accusing the government of being slow in combating acts that ‘look-like’ terror acts in the country.

According to Mr Mwambene, Mtanzania published a story titled, ‘Bloody Presidential’ on March 20, ‘The Revolution is inevitable’ on June 12, and ‘The government smells blood’ on September 27.