Sons of a politician afflicted



 October 23, 2013


Veteran combatant of the TPLF and currently an opposition of the same Front said to ESAT that his children are going through difficult times.

One of his sons, Yemane, has been disabled due to severe beating and torture in prison. Aehfom, his other son, has been imprisoned for the past seven months.

Akbrom, a 10th grade student, has been seized from the field he was playing football has been arrested. Asgede said he had been able to visit him in prison after six days applying to officials.

Asgede said “TPLF is now assaulting his children after me”.  He called every citizen to ply its part in saving the lives of his children.

Asgede said Tigray region is has lost sleep, it is under darkness. Emigration, unemployment, lack of justice and corruption are rampant, he added.