Police block Blue Party rally near Office


De Birhan 

September 22, 2013

Police have blocked thousands of Blue Party demonstrators from rallying to the City’s biggest square, Meskel Square. They were blocked after they walked 100 meters from their Head office in Ginfele,near 4Kilo. The leaders of Blue Party have ordered demonstrators to return back to the Party’s Head Office and to peacefully continue the demo there.  The demonstrators have been voicing slogans such as  ” We need Justice, We Need Freedom, Police belongs to the people, we are one, Free Eskinder Nega, Free Reeyot Alemu and others”, sitting near their Head Office.

Blue Party’s earlier demo called on September 2, 2o13 had  been forcefully crushed by police. Police last week warned the Party that it could not hold the rally in Meskel square but only in Jan Meda.


Blue Party Demo

Blue Party Demo Photo By Blue Party