Sur Construction Slates Completion of Two Billion Birr Road Projects




Sur Construction Private Limited Company has revealed that it plans to finish and hand over 2.07 billion birr (around 110 million US dollars) worth of road projects this year, which includes the 800 million birr 76 kilo meters asphalt concrete from Dedebit- Adi Remets in Tigray Region of Ethiopia. 

Tadese Yemane (pictured), General Manager of Sur Construction, told that the project, which has taken so far three years, has had 80 percent of its plans completed, with an additional 10 kms later added on in the project, expected to lead to the Welkayit Sugar project.

The Welkayit Sugar scheme, one of the big sugar projects envisaged by the Ethiopian government, to make the country self-sufficient and eventually be an export item, is also being conducted by Sur, with a total projected cost of four billion birr, and with a duration period of four years, with one year so far elapsing.

The project is expected to irrigate 50,000 hectares of land, and an adjacent sugar factory also being done by the same company, is expected to be completed in 2015.  Another project mentioned by Tadese with completion date of end of 2013 was the 63 kms Asphalt Concrete AbaAla –Shaigube, with a total expenditure of 708 million birr.

The project, which is unique in that it’s a Design and Built (DB) one, is expected to facilitate the extraction of the potash reserves in the Danakil depression area of Ethiopia. Yet another project, on the completion list of Sur for this year is the 60 kms Seret-Wer’eie, with an expenditure of 460 million birr.

The last of the major projects being done by Sur, with completion date being this time this month of 2013 is the 106 kms Durebete-Shawra gravel road project. Sur took over from another local company, who was unable to finish the project, but had finished 66 kms of it until then, and then finished the rest 40 kms, with an expenditure of around 100 million birr.

This particular project will connect to another road project that was finished by it on earlier date, the 147 kms Shawra-Gelego gravel road linking this part of the country known for its sesame production, and as being one of the most fertile areas of the country.

Among the Other major projects being done by the company is one linking it to a sugar factory, is the 70 kms asphalt concrete Menebegna- Lemlem Bereha with a total cost expenditure of 637 million birr, expcted to be finished in june 2015.

Sur Construction PLC which was formed two decades ago back, was recently in the news after the completion and handover of the nation’s to date largest sports academy at a total cost of more than 316 million birr.

The academy which gives training in nine major sports field was inaugurated by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on May 28th. Tadese indicated that the project, which was slated to cost 208 million birr to finish, and is to be handled by the federal sports commission, cost the extra expenses from the company’s pocket due to a host of factors including the September 2010 devaluation of the Ethiopian birr.

Sur in total has about 10 billion birr worth of projects, currently running under its portfolio, with 10,000 employees under its wing, and possessing over 1,500 construction machineries.

De Birhan N.B. SUR Construction P.L.C  was established by the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) in 1992 with an initial capital of Birr 108 million as a General Contractor Grade One (GC1).