Two foreigners detained in Addis Abeba


By Derese Tariku, De Birhan Staffer

May 15, 2013


Addis Abeba – Two foreigners, who claimed they were journalists, have been seized by civil securities at mid day today near Ayalew Music Shop, Piassa, Addis Abeba.

The foreigners were filming the buildings and the long taxi queue at the moment of their arrest.

As they were confronted by the undercover security, the two individuals began packing their materials and rushed to leave the area. However, the securities followed them and whisked them away from a taxi.

The two refused to enter the security’s car and go with them. Finally, they were taken by a taxi.

Eye witnesses reporter saw some people, who were watching the incident, attempting to rescue the two individuals but to no avail.

De Birhan phoned both the Addis Abeba and Federal Police but none of them confirmed the detention. A staff at Federal Police, who called himself Kidus, said ”they were perhaps asked to show their permission and details but  no detention has happened”.