Introducing an Ethiopian scientist, Aster Beyene. Ph.D.


Dr. Aster Beyene, is a biotech scientist from Ethiopia. She works in Monsanto Company, an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Her speciality is in proteins and understanding how the Hepatitis C virus attacks the body.

Julie Murphree of the  Arizona Farm Bureau has spoken to Aster and produced this blog on her page. We have published the modified version of the article.

The short video in this blog shares Aster’s compelling story. But before you view it, soak up a few statistics on her to understand a bit more about what possibly inspires her.

  • She’s one of 10 siblings who grew up in Ethiopia and are now living in Sweden, Canada, and the U.S.
  • After high school, moved to Stockholm, Sweden to live with her sister and pursue more education.
  • Overnight, had to learn a new language.
  • While there, she worked driving a bus and earned her undergraduate degree in microbiology
  • Began her work on a Ph.D. in protein science by 1998.
  • Part of her Ph.D. work study involved understanding how the Hepatitis C virus attacks the body.
  • After years of study including time in the U.S., Aster went back to Ethiopia to spend time with her mom
  • While at home, she pondered whether she’d help work on a cure for HIV, or fight hunger and food insecurity. And, understanding how proteins work is a key way to advance science in both areas.

Monsanto’s scientists are from all over the world and each brings their passion for science to solving complex challenges farmers face. This was evident on my recent trip to Monsanto. It’s part of why I want to understand the Monsanto story. Aster’s story compels us to take note.

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