Aboy Sebhat’s interview


By De Birhan

May 2o, 2013

Sebhat Nega, one of the founders and veterans of TPLF, a core member and mover and shaker of the EPRDF, has been done an online interview with a Diaspora based chat room. He stayed for a short while but raised some peculiar issues as usual. He was interviewed by veteran journalist Zenaneh Mekonen.

– Sebhat said he is a devout Orthodox Christian and cited a verse he loves from the bible. “I don’t know who the disciple/apostle is but I love the verse that says ‘And why call you me, Lord, Lord, …. before you respect me, respect the one I Created.”

– Sebaht Nega also said that TPLF stood with the Derg Regime and declared war on Siad Barre’s Somali invaders in Sep. 1969(Eth. Calendar).

– He also said one of the great things Ethiopia did during the transitional period was demobilisation.

–  Sebhat said if there was  TPLF/EPRDF was not there, Ethiopia would have disintegrated.

-Asked about the secession of Eritrea and TPLF’s role- he said choice was important. Then (during the struggle to topple the Derg and the transition period), all regional states including Afar sought to secede and were it not for TPLF, that could have occurred.

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