Book signing Saturday for Jesus in Ethiopia



A Blanchester man has visited exotic islands, traveled through jungles, over mountains and deserts and into ancient tombs to gain information for his recently published book, “Jesus in Ethiopia.”Jim Rankin, founder of Adventures in Truth Biblical Research, will hold a book signing on Saturday, April 27 at 2 p.m. at Books ‘N’ More, located at 28 W. Main St. in Wilmington.

Rankin recently completed his fourth trip to Ethiopia which began as a journey in search of the lost Ark of the Covenant. He said the trips turned into a “revelation of biblical proportions.” He called it an “unforgettable” story. “It’s a journey that has only just begun,” he said.

Prior to the book being released here, Rankin said “Jesus in Ethiopia” was published in Amharic, the native language in Ethiopia. As of last week, 80,000 copies of the book had been sold, he said.

“This book is an adventure in truth that takes you on a search through the Bible to track down the location of never before revealed information on the whereabouts of the Holy Family and the truth behind their exodus from Israel,” Rankin said.

He said the Bible reveals many biblical mysteries that most do not see. “Jesus In Ethiopia” shares never before revealed information to the whereabouts of Jesus and the Holy Family during those missing years. “For the first time in nearly 200,000 years, a hidden secret has surfaced. Information found shows that God the Father and God the Son held a mighty summit meeting in Ethiopia to prepare Jesus for all that was to come,” he said.

“I hope readers realize the accuracy that the Bible reveals, but to also understand that there is much more history of ancient biblical mysteries ready to be revealed to the world. This will encourage us to put our trust in the Scriptures for all things because of their truth,” Rankin said.