Angry supporters, pro Regime media calling for reform


De Birhan 

April 27, 2013

Angered and triggered by the forced evictions of Ethiopians from the Benishangul and other regions of Ethiopia, members, supporters of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF and pro government Radio stations in the Diaspora are calling for a Reform. During an online discussion in pro EPRDF Discussion Forum on Friday,  members and supporters of the ruling Front inside and outside the Country have echoed their anger at the  forced displacement of citizens from different parts of the Country, lack of good governance and imprisonment of religious leaders, journalists and people with political opinion.  Berhanu Damte aka Aba Mela,  a pro ruling Front lobbyist, propagandist and owner of the Discussion Forum, who represented the ruling Party in major public and media political debates, strongly criticised the current government and vowed to push until reforms are achieved. ” The Prime Minister should first officially apologize the evicted people and compensate them.  All political prisoners and people arrested for their religious opinion should be freed” he said.

At one point, he was heard saying that he saw passion and zeal to honestly work for the Country in Prime Minister Hailemraim’s eyes and added if Hailemariam vows to work according the Constitution and exercises his Constitutional rights, we will help him and stand with him “We will establish an army that protects the Constitution from inside and outside the Country. That has already been started”.

Similarly, two popular Diaspora based pro Ethiopian government Radio stations (Aend Ethiopia and Hagr Fikr) and their journalists have also called for similar reforms after strongly criticising the incumbent in their weekly radio shows.

This open and public criticisms against the government are coming from pro government organisations, media, supporters and members for the first time since the 2005 national election.

Despite these calls, those that are skeptical of the genuinity of these new moves and groups are not very few.

To Listen click this link  Audio on EPRDF .