Qatar to host first ever Eritrea political Symposium

25 Feb 2013

The Qatari Arabic Site,  today reported that Arab and International Relations is to host a public symposium mid-March entitled “Eritrea, present and future” in Doha, Qatar.  The  Symposium will cover the following key points: Eritrea identity and the neighborhood, the existing political situation, the future vision of the government and the opposition, human rights.  Eritreans abroad  have been invited including politicians in the opposition, Eritrean and human rights activists, journalists, intellectuals and writers.  The Eritrean Embassy in Doha is reported to have has also received an invitation to participate on the Symposium. Observers believe the Eritrean government, which is suffering from cracks internally will not participate at the seminar. The organizers may resort  to invite elements intellectuals, Farajet reported.  

Private sources indicate that the Arab and international relations forum received positive response from  most invited to participate in the symposium, while few apologized a few not been able to attend  for various reasons.  This is the first seminar of kind in Qatar organized by the Arab International Relations Forum.