Rare video: ETV interviews model Yeharerwerk Gashaw 1990

The description under this rare 1990 footage of Ethiopian Television English Desk posted on YouTube reads

Ethiopia honors the Late Congressman Mickey Leland and designates the Mickey Leland Orphan Children’s Home in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (Gulalie) August 4th, 1990).The shelter, originally named the Gulalie shelter, was home to over 590 children whose parents passed away due to ongoing drought and war in Northern Ethiopia at the time. As a result of Gashaw’s campaign, the orphanage was renamed in honor of Leland. Trees were also planted in front of the home in honor of Leland and the 8 other Americans and 7 Ethiopians that also passed away in the fatal crash with him on August 7, 1990 while traveling to Western Ethiopia to visit and help 40 thousand Sudanese refugees and 17 thousand children. 

The video contains content includes the designation ceremony of the late Congressman Mickey Leland Children Center, American government RP speaking at the children center designation, Yeharerwerk Gashaw meeting with President of Ethiopia Mengistu Hailemariam and Ethiopian Press .

And this is her other footage advocating for the freedom of POW in Eritrea. Actress and activist Yeharerwerk Gashaw’s mission was to find the Ethiopian POWs in Eritrea that the Ethiopian government was denying the existence of in 1998/1999. She was the first Ethiopian to advocate for the freedom of the POWs, as well as the first to advocate in order for the Red Cross to be allowed to aid the Ethiopian POWs, including Pilot Colonel Bezabeh Petros and the Ethiopian children soldiers, in Eritrea, which had not been allowed by the Eritrean government for 22 years prior to her visitation in 1999. The government lifted the restrictions after Gashaw traveled to Eritrea, visited and spoke with the Ethiopian POWs in the mid-warfield prison, and met with President Esayas to resolve the matter. Her visit also led to the recognition of the Ethiopian POWs by the Geneva convention.