Former Derg official Colonel Debela Dinsa died, buried in Addis

By De Birhan
Addis Abeba 
January 22, 2013

Colonel Debela Dinsa, a former regime official, popularly remembered for reading the letter  that informed the Emperor that the Emperor was deposed, has died in Addis Abeba. He was buried at the Trinity Cathedral Church two weeks ago. President Girma Woldegiorgis had reportedly sent funeral flowers and were placed  in the burial ceremony.  Debela was freed from a 20 years imprisonment after the sentences on him and 22 other former regime officials were withdrawn according to the Country’s law by President Girma Woldegiorgis in 2011. 

Some 73 top officials of the Derg regime were sentenced to death and life imprisonment as they were found directly responsible for the deaths and the torture of scores of people and involvement in the “Red Terror”. 

Debela was the Chairman of the Addis Ababa General Council Revolutionary Campaign Coordinating Committee and Administrator of the former Shoa Province. It was reported that in 1990, without the knowledge of Colonel Debela, his resignation was announced on the National Radio. It was later known that the then President Mengistu Hailemariam had enforced Debela’s resignation. 

Debela is survived by his children.