Ethiopian talent sings Dion in an Idol show

By De Birhan
Jan. 19, 2013

Balgeru Idol, is one of Ethiopia’s popular idol shows.This young Ethiopian girl, Winta Zekariyas, is one of the contestants in this show. She has passed to the second round singing Celine Dion’s “Think Twice” earning the best passing card, Green. People who just bump into Winta’s clip would not possibly think that she is from and in Ethiopia competing in a national Idol show. The kinds of Winta, the Idol show and souls that are full of talent, hope, wisdom and beauty are the images of Ethiopia. How many Winta’s do we know in Piassa, Bole or Nazreth and how many of them are known elsewhere? 

Much love to our beautiful, loving and indeed super girls as Winta. Ethiopia is also them. 

Just for the sake of comparison we have posted the original music by Dion herself. It won’t be difficult to imagine what Celine Dion would have felt, had she watched Winta’s clip, above.