Deadly clashes hit Ogaden region – Ogadentoday Press


January 20, 2013, Addis Ababa (Ogadentoday Press) – A heavy clashes between, Ogaden National Liberation Front and Ethiopian allied forces of federal troops and Liyu Police took place in Ogaden on Friday.
The fighting began yesterday, and still there are skirmishes in the area, According to reports the fighting took place, Galalshe district in Fiq Zone in Ogaden.
ONLF has stormed into camp, early morning on Friday, and shelled on RPG.
At least 70 people have died in the clashes between Ethiopian and ONLF Forces, a diplomatic Source informed to Ogadentoday Press. Some government troops officials are killed in the fighting, the source added.
Meanwhile, local people said that, members of Ogaden National Troops are also killed.
According to reports, ONLF have taken a military catches and freed some prisoners from the Camp.
Reports suggested the two sides are still on fighting.
The Ethiopian troops responded the attack by attacking the civilians in the area, according to an elder who spoke to Ogadentoday Press.
ONLF Central committee member confirmed to Ogadentoday Press about the clashes, but declined to provide further information.
There is no comment from the government and the ONLF about the clashes.
In October, Ethiopia and ONLF peace talks mediated by the Kenyan Government installed after, the government has put on a precondition to accept ONLF, the Ethiopian Federal constitution.
ONLF refused and said it is a matter of Ogaden people who will vote for the Referendum.
Last Month, Ethiopia government said that group of ONLF wants to accept the constitution, but ONLF issued a statement and said, “There are no on-going talks between ONLF and the Ethiopian government currently. However, the Ethiopian regime is peddling that it is holding peace talks in Addis Ababa with what they portray as Ogaden National Liberation Front by using a junior defector, from ONLF Foreign Office, called Abdinur Abdullahi, whom it elevated to the rank of ONLF Executive Committee member. This practice was done two years ago with Salahdin Maow, a man who was expelled from the organization, but still the Ethiopian regime paraded him in front of the international media and claimed that he represented a major ONLF faction”
Majority of Ogaden people in Diaspora and in the country supports ONLF.
The ONLF is fighting for the Independence of Ogaden Region in Ethiopia, where the Britain has handed over Ogaden into Ethiopia.