Scandal of Ethiopian Inter-Country Adoption

De Birhan 
Dec 05 2012

De Birhan has been working on a project investigating Inter-country adoptions from Ethiopia. It has not yet been completed. Recently, the issue of an Ethiopian child called Masho adopted in Denmark has been a cause of ire worldwide. The child now eight years old was adopted while she was four separated from her biological parents who are still alive in Ethiopia. A Danish TV station has aired an investigative report on the adoption process of the Child. Amnesty International then accused the adoption Agency, DanAdopt of “having committed any human rights violations in connection with the adoption of Ethiopian children.” 
The girl who has refused to live with her adoptive parents and sought to return back to her parents in Ethiopia is now under the State’s care. The public has also been casting votes on whether she should return or not. 

The following News item by sums up the story,
 27TH NOVEMBER 2012 AT. 10:50

Minister: Accusations against DanAdopt be examined

Social Karen Haekkerup has changed the rules about adoption of Ethiopian children. Now, testing of DanAdopt. © DR

The Danish adoption agency DanAdopt accused by Amnesty International of having committed any human rights violations in connection with the adoption of Ethiopian children.
And Social Affairs Karen Haekkerup (S) says now, in the wake of the TV2 documentary “adoption come price” that she will examine Amnesty International’s accusations against the Danish agency.
It writes the Minister on Facebook Tuesday.

Moving film

– This update is just to say that we are already starting to look into the matter.
– These are serious allegations Amnesty comes with over DanAdopt. And it should of course be investigated. And then I find out what can be done now. So I am on the case. It was a very moving film, writes Karen Haekkerup.
“Adoption come price”, which was sent on Monday evening, depicting the process around the Ethiopian girl Masho, which four years was adopted by a Danish couple, although she apparently was fine with her biological parents.

Living in orphanages

The Danish couple away gives finally the hapless Ethiopian girl to a Danish orphanage where she is today at the age of eight years still lives.
In parallel with the Danish story follows the documentary also Mashos biological parents in Ethiopia, which is frustrated that the Danish adoption agency DanAdopt will not say how their away adoptees girl has it in Denmark.
Minister of Social Affairs also reveals that she has already changed the rules about adoption of Ethiopian children.

Modified generally

– We have changed the rules regarding general. Ethiopia, no longer uses the orphanage they came from.
– It was a terribly heartbreaking film about Masho and adoption come price, writes Karen Haekkerup.
The Danish adoption agency DanAdopt acknowledged Tuesday having failed in the case of the Ethiopian girl.
– It is a horrible case. Masho should never have been given up for adoption, said Director of DanAdopt, Marianne Wung-Sung, in GoMorgen Denmark on Tuesday.
This week Danish Tv, TV2 news followed up on the story and did an interview with DanAdopt Director Marianne Wung-Sung, she said:

“Most of the children already born and living, have no real alternatives here and now. If all organizations pulled out, dead children from starvation, and it would be terrible.”

Another commentary under the news states, 

What no one could know – nor DanAdopt – was that 4 months later, the entire Denmark familiar with the situation in Ethiopia because of the documentary “adoption come price”. Today it is common knowledge that about. 90 percent of adopted children from Ethiopia are not orphans and actually did not want to “starve” as many “only” live in “relative poverty”!

Please watch the documentary video clip about Masho and her adoption process that was aired by Danish media last week,