Mirel Wagner: from Ethiopia to Finland


ይቺ እህታችን ሚረል ዋግነር ትባላለች። 24 ኣመቷ ነው። በልጅነቷ ወደ ፊንላንድ ኣገር ተወስዳ እዛው ነው ያደገችው። አሁን በአለም ታዋቂ ሙዚቀኛ እየሆነች ነው። እኔ ኢትዮጲያዊቷ ትሬሲ ብያታለሁ። መንፈሴም በድምጿ ደንሳልች። ከታች ሁለት ሊንኮች ኣስቀምጫለሁ ሙዚቃዎቿን እምሰሙበት። ፌስ ቡክም ላይ ላይክ ኣርጔት። 

Mirel Wagner is a 24 year old singer/songwriter, born in Ethiopia and raised in Espoo, Finland. Since age 16 she’s writing gloomy Blues and Folk songs, stripped down to the bone. De Birhan calls her the Ethiopian “Tracy Chapman”…Listening to her numbers, forces ones spirits to dance. 
Time Magazine on its August 7, 2012 Issue named her in its ” 11 Great Bands You Don’t Know (But Should)” List and described her as, 

Finnish singer-songwriter Mirel Wagner stands out in a crowd. While her pedigree is unique (born in Ethiopia, raised in Finland), it is her voice that is most fascinating. The 24-year-old singer’s satiny, slow intonation has been known to stop people in their tracks only to then lead them down a rabbit hole of haunting and eloquent songs about murder, depression and death. Her love of the blues, especially Robert Johnson and Skip James, influences not only her chosen topics, but also her lilting lovely sound, resulting in songs that are equal parts wildly unsettling and wholly seductive. Her self-titled album is out now on Friendly Fire Recordings.

And recommended her for Fans of: Billie Holiday, PJ Harvey

We have her fab song below,