Urgent appeal to Dr. Meseret Chekol

Dr. Meseret Chekol

Dr. Mesert Chekol is one of the distinguished Ethiopian Professors of Journalism and Communications teaching at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. He appears on most Ethiopian media and gives his incredible comments and analysis on Ethiopian political and media situations. 

Dr. Meseret was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. This life-threatening illness requires aggressive treatment, and Dr. Meseret is determined and prepared to do what he can to save his life. Unfortunately, the amount of money needed to get the best treatment possible is beyond the family’s ability to bear. Consequently, Dr. Meseret needs your help and he needs it now. A small group of friends of Dr. Meseret have come together to organize this appeal.

You can send your donation to:

Messeret Chekol 
US Federal Credit Union
Account Number 291024722
2535 27th Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55406