Is EPRDF splitting into two? Press Release from EPRDF Democratic


Press Release
08 October 2012
After surviving a splitting danger in 2003 when members of the splintering members when arrested by the late leader of the Party, Meles Zenawi, the ruling Party seems to have fallen into another real state of split. A group of EPRDF members who call themselves EPRDF Democratic have just sent us the following press release. The group says, is a mix of old guard and young members of the ruling party, who want “reform” within the Front. It was reported by the pro ruling regime newspaper yesterday, The Reporter, that EPRDF has ‘fired and suspended’ a number of its Executive Committee members who have committed “disciplinary and ethical” errors including the current Minister of Civil Service and Executive member of the EPRDF and OPDO. 
To read the Press Release of the new EPRDF D please click EPRDF Democratic.