Vegetable shortage hits Addis

By  Derese Tariku
De Birhan Media Staffer 

04 Sep 2012

Addis Abeba has been hit with vegetable shortage due to what some sources said was “a price ceiling imposed by the post Meles regime on vegetables”. Wholesalers in the Ethiopia’s largest vegetable market, said that they have stopped supplying vegetables due to the new ceiling. 

Similarly, although the government imposed  a price cap  of 1300 birr on Ethiopia’s staple  food,  Teff,  the cereal has been sold for 1800 birr so far. Following rumors that the regime wants to cut the 500birr increase, Teff has been unavailable in the main markets of Addis Abeba.  De Birhan has been able to confirm that most wholesalers in Mesalemia and Ehel Berenda markets were not selling Teff today.