Breaking News : South Sudan and Sudan agree on all terms but Abiye

By De Birhan Media
September 27, 2012 

South Sudan and Sudan have agreed on most terms and will sign an agreement in Addis Abeba in few hours. They reached an agreement on economic, security issues but Abiye, De Birhan has learnt. They agreed that Abiye should be resolved through a referendum but not on the details of the referendum yet. The agreement will be signed in Sheraton Addis Hotel in few hours time later today. Press Conference is scheduled in the same place later.  

The three agreements (Protocols of Collaboration) are : The Post Secession Agreements,  Peace Agreement, and Normalization and cooperation agreements. Border issues to be dealt by a Panel of Experts appointed by the African Union. They agreed that the Abiye issue should be solved in referendum but have not yet agreed on the the ways of the referendum and who the commissioners of the referendum are going to be. Thus the Abiye issue is to be seen by the African Union Peace and Security Council. 

The leaders on Monday first met for talks hosted by new Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in the presidential palace, alongside AU chief mediator and former South African president Thabo Mbeki.

The protracted talks under African Union mediation began in the Ethiopian capital several months before South Sudan split in July 2011 from what was Africa’s biggest nation, following an independence vote after decades of war.
At independence, Juba took two-thirds of the region’s oil, but processing and export facilities remained in Sudan. In January, the South shut off oil production after accusing Sudan of stealing its oil.