OLF, ALEJE sign a deal

July 26,2012

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) which is led by General Kemal Gelchu and ALEJE, Alliance of the three organizations (Afar People Party, Ginbot 7 Movement for Freedom, Justice and Democracy, Movement for Ethiopian Unity and Justice) agreed to cooperatively work towards removing the incumbent regime in Ethiopia, a press release attests. 

In their joint communiqué released on the 22 July 2012, in addition to their previous deals, the two organs agreed to work on five main points such as: 

  The source of all political powers, at local, at regional or Federal levels, shall be fair and free elections.

  The federal system to be established shall be real and genuine.

  They shall use all forms of struggle that are timely and possible to remove the TPLF rule.

  A transitional provisional government that will be established shall be composed of all political and civic organizations.

  All the aforementioned activities shall be conducted in a country that is known as sovereign Ethiopia.

The statement further added, “As we have always been expressing our commitment to the main and cardinal principles of the struggle of the Ethiopian people without any equivocation in the past, ALEJE and OLF have reaffirmed their sincere commitment and pledge to continue on the same path until the TPLF rule is removed and replaced by democratic order.” 
In such a time, when Meles Zenawi, the Commander -in- Chief and Prime Minister of  Ethiopia, has been absent from his posts and the media for over 35 days now, most Ethiopian media and activists are “ demanding   all opposition forces to come together”,  and stand-in if crisis might arise due this power vacuum.