What disillusions?

By T, Staffer of De Birhan Media
16 May 2012

Little kids playing outside the government built residential estates or condominiums stop when they see a coloured person, black i.e. me (Tekur Sew). 

One of them whispers the other girl as I, the Tekur Sew (Black Person) approach them walking on the pavement peacfully partillay filling my ears with my earphones. The ear phones slowly pour Backstreet Boys’ – I want it that way. As soon as  Tekur Sew passes them, he hears loud name calling form the kids “Nig** go back” again and again. Totally bewildered, unable to act, Tekur Sew posits ” what the heck is this?”  Why the provocation? and from these little kids? Tekur Seew continues to wonder, passes his destination, misses his appointment and  finally finds himself in a place where he did not set out to go to. 

He starts to watch everyone and anyone with a harder Euroscepticic disillusionment and cynicism. Tekur Sew blames all: he blames the regime of his country of origin, then he blames himself, then he blames his identity, then he blames his hosts, he blames the parents of those little kids who “teach” them to hate and provoke peaceful pedestrians. And then he retreats from his grudges and says “well there are bad apples the world over”, hence blames the few out of the generous Western nations that host and enliven non westerners with humanity. 

But insult and provocation are really disturbingly disillusioning. The often times Tekur Sew gets abused and insulted in the streets, he promises to teach his natives back home not to be bad to foreigners and at times says well let them insult me and be racist against me ’cause from problems come solutions therefore, I would get high selling and succulent stories after stories from my own experiences of disrespect, abuse, insult, dishonour, spitting, name calling and what have you. Tekur Sew recalls an Oriental saying that approximately says “bad mouthing is equal to a six month illness”, then he misses gets immersed into homesickness, how wonderful was it, had Meles been couped over the night and Tekur Sew was able to go back home and revenge his disillusionment by loving, being loved and appreciated. 

Living in the West for a few years now, Tekur Sew sees a fault line within the Welfare State System that may be ridiculed by some readers. It is the Housing Estate system. Public housing ,“council estates” or Social housing as used variably is a rental housing which may be owned and managed by the state, by non-profit organizations, or by a combination of the two, usually with the aim of providing affordable housing. This type of housing has been instrumental in alleviating homelessness, enabling ownership and creating communal life. The last few weeks, Tekur Sew was relocating thus was told by friends not to move into any apartment that is near a housing esate. He asked why? “because it is rough area.” they said. Housing esates don’t have a good fame. Not only to live in them but even around them. That was where I got my ‘due’ too today from the kids. 

As the economic crisis and cuts shake the economies of European countries, the already existing anti immigrant sentiment has gotten firm hold. Immigrants are blamed as the causes by some nutter politicians and hater citizens. Mainly, people of the African origin are scapegoated.Many Terkur Sewoch who have run away from persecutors in their native land, have now again started to look for a farther land from their seemingly coming “tekat”.  Oh life of Tekur Sew.

As the incumbents in Ethiopia are engaged in an ambitious scheme of social housing- condominiums for city dwellers; the regime and all concerned should highly, not least, worry about the social crisis that would be born within the condominiums. The condos of Addis could verily be the “rough social/council housing estates of Europe” where haters, delinquents and anti socials would be bred. I don’t want to see what happened to me repeated on others . 

Hate, insult and such provocations disillusion the victim!!

Who didn’t listen Backstreet boys in his college years? 
Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way