Ethiopian journalist’s loud protest dishonurs Ethiopia’s dictatorial PM

By De Birhan
18 May 2012
In this footage that would soon be a hit worldwide on YouTube and International media, accomplished Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gelaw’s loud protest at the at G8 Symposium Advancing Food and Nutrition Security at Ronald Reagan Building, USAID, in Washington DC. today May 18, 2012, dishonored the Ethiopian dictatorial Prime Minster Meles Zenawi in front of leaders and international guests from around the globe. As soon as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, labelled by some of his gullible co and opportunists , as one of Africa’s “Wisest, intellectual and developmental leaders” due to mainly his silver tongue, can be watched in this video scared, ashamed and disillusioned in total humiliation. The protesting journalist, Abebe in an interview he gave for ESAT TV after he was made to leave the Auditorium said that one of the bodyguards of Meles had  made a threatening statement on life.

Journalist Abebe is loudly heared as saying ” Meles Zenawi is a Dictator! You are committing crimes against humanity. We need freedom! Free Eskinder Nega and all political Prisoners in Ethiopia” Meles Zenawi then bows down in shame and fear for a while before he continued his jib jabs. Ginbot (May)  is a month of coups and revolutions in Ethiopia. This is tantamount to a coup. Kudos Abebe Gelaw again. Meles has been coup/mutinied both emotionally and verbally today.
Similarly, hundreds of Ethiopians had protested Meles’ presence at the G8 meeting in mass.

You can watch and distrbute this unique footage worldwide.


  1. We all understand why Abe is angry, but honestly speaking i don’t like the way he did it. It is just unwise and random thing to do. He just barked in an international conference on Food Security. This is a disgrace for Ethiopia. Imagined had it been at Hailessillasie regime…this guy almost lost his name and nationality…poor abe and really disappointed.

  2. I compare this with Hailesellasie speech in the UN and was wooed and jeered – he was composed and continued. But Meles was almost crying….agagagagagaga

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