Dr. Negaso Gidada resigns from UDJ?

By T, Staffer of De Birhan Media 
06 May 2012

Dr. Negaso Gidada

The fomer president of Ethiopia and Chairman of the opposition party, Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) has “reportedly” resigned from his Chairmanship and is now in Germany, where he had spent most of his college years. 

Amidst reports that the American non profit,, Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars and other organs ”reportedly”  are attempting to ‘negotiate the ruling party and and some oppositions such as Medrek(Forum), a consortium of parties that UDJ is a member of, the news of the Chairman’s resignation comes as a “bizarre”.

According to sources, a local Newspaper reported that Dr. Negaso has  left for Germany “to teach Ethiopian politics in (an undisclosed) university in Germany.” He will be in Germany for the next two months.   Girma Seyfu, the lone opposition member of the Ethiopian Parlimment representing UDJ/Medrek(Forum), is now the Acting Chairman of UDJ, according to sources. 

Dr. Negasso Gidada Solan was born  in 1943 in Dembidolo area, western Ethiopia. He was the President of Ethiopia from 1995 until 2001 before joining the parliamnt as an independnet candiadate and finally joining the opposition camp. He is married to Regina Abelt, a German nurse and midwife who works at a local hospital, Bete Zata as a midwife.  He was elected as the Chairman of the Party, in December 2011.  

Popular members and leaders of UDJ such as Judge Bertukan Miderka, Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw, and Dr. Yakob Hailemariam have all resigned previously from the Party. While the former Defense Minister under the incumbent and later Public Relations head  of UDJ, Siye Abreha and the former Chairwoman of UDJ, Judge Bertukan Mideksa have both left to peruse their higher studies in America via “Scholarships offered to them”, Negaso has now on his turn “left to teach for Germany”.  
De Birhan was unable to get in touch with Dr. Negaso and UDJ leadership to verify the reports. 


  1. This is the poly of some Western derejets and Woyanee. They are draining the last remaining strong party, UDJ from leading and helping the current national protests by Muslims and Christians alike.

    Girma Seifu MUST officially now call on all Ethiopians to stand together with our brothers and join the Anwar protests.

    Please UDJ and Girma, Don’be deceived by the “Negotiation”. Focus on the current protests.

  2. ***************************
    እቺ ቺን ሳነባት፥ ጨዋታ አማረኝ፣ ቀልድና ትንሽ ቧልት
    እስቲ ልግጠምበት ፥ ቅኔ በበዛበት ባማርኛው ጠላት
    ሥልጣን ባልወደደው ጊዜው ባለፈበት።

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    አይቀለድ በሳት፥ ያቃጥላል ውበት
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    ለገብሩም አልሆነው ፥ ለሰላም ፈላጊው
    ነጋሶም አልበጀው ፥ ሃገር ለመረጠው
    ማን በነገራቸው፥ ዋና ዓይነ ጥላቸው
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    ዛርና ጋኔሉን የሚያስወጣላቸው፥ የ ሚያ ሳ ብ ዳ ቸ ው ።

    ዋ ዐ አዐ አ ይ በይ ኢትዮጵያ፥
    እእእ እእ ሪ በይ እናቴ
    አቤት በይ እትብቴ፣
    ኢትዮጵያ ሃገሬ፤
    ተስፋሽ ለነገ ነው፣ ባይሆንልሽ ዛሬ።

    በደብተራው እውቀት
    በቆየውም መተት፣
    እስቲ ድገሚበት፣
    ላልለ ቀ ቀ ው እብደት
    ዛር፣ ጋኔል፣ መዓት ላልወጣለት፣
    ፈትለሽ ተዋህደሽ
    አሳስረሽ ተብትበሽ
    መዓት ልቀቂበት፥ጭንቀት ከራስምታት
    ፍርሃት ከናዙሪት፥
    በእብደት ላይ እብደት ከምሪበት
    ክንግዲህ እንደሆ ን አይገዛ አንደበት።

    ሳር ቅጠል መሬትሽን የቸበቸበልሽ
    ለባእድ ተገዝቶ፣ ሃገር የሌለው ሰው ባዶ ላደረገሽ
    እንኳን እትብትሽን፣ አጽም መቃብርሽን ላስደረመሰልሽ፣
    ማረፊያ ማሰቢያ፣ ገዳምሽን ሳይቀር፣ ለሚያሳርስልሽ።

    እሪ በይ እናቴ
    እሪ በይ እትብቴ
    ኢትዮጵያ ሃገሬ፤
    ተስፋሽ ለነገ ነው፣ ባይሆንልሽ ዛሬ።
    ታ ድ ያ እ ኮ፣
    ቢሆ ንም ሁሌም አይዞኝ ብርሃን ነው፣
    እስኪያልፍ ያለፋል ነው፣ሁሉም ሃላፊ ነው፣
    በራሱ ሲመጣ፣ ሁሉም ሲደርስበት ዓይኑን ይከፍታል ነው።

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