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By T, Staffer De Birhan Media
My dad had an American girlfriend who was a peace corps  and had always sought that he join her and live together in USA but he always had said to her we can live here, the economy is strong, peaceful, relative democracy… apparently, their love didn’t last long. Just after the 1974 “revolution”, many more left their beloved nation and cravingly sought others protection. Those who hated leaving for the West, now bessech to emigrate. 
Ethiopians have been up until the fall of HIM Hailesllasie’s, have been well respected and the times that their rights were transgressed once in a blue moon, readings and stories tell. Following the ascendance of the bloody Dergue to power; Ethiopia turned into ‘hell’…widespread famine gripped us, bunch of alien ideologies, policies, and thoughts gripped and killed a generation. Ethiopia’s international ranking and image plummeted.   Yet now, the worst regime ever TPLF/EPRDF, which sold our one and only, Lucy, doubled our agony. 
Today, on a weekly basis over 10,000 Ethiopians emigrate through four corners of the country seeking safety (social, political and economic) and importantly freedom risking their life. In addition to the sufferings they have gone through in their home countries, the misery of Ethiopians in the Diaspora is becoming insurmountable. Aside from what is publically known in the Diaspora, our misery in the “most democratic, caring and liberal” West is also becoming extraordinarily high, these days. Some organisations, agencies, individuals in the West are working hand in glove with Ethiopian autocrats and dictators limiting and controlling our liberty, freedom and basic rights. Offering asylum and protection by advocating our rights bound by the 1951 UN Declaration on the one hand, they at the same time assist and serve the government in Ethiopia by circumventing our liberty and rights. After all they are “Governments” – we the unorganised, helpless and unofficial ones are ‘incredible and untrustworthy.’
There is a worrying story coming from Norway as the Norwegian government sealed an agreement with its Ethiopian counterpart to finally deport over 400 Ethiopians whose asylum requests have been unsuccessful. This is worrying trend. How can a Nation that is proudly known for its value of human rights and peace be brave enough to deport Ethiopians- most are  active politicians- to Ethiopia, that has recently jailed over 160 politicians and journalists including two Swedish journalists? What about the 35 Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia?
It is not limited to them, Ethiopians in the West including most of us are today being disrespected, mistreated and at times abused just because we come from a poor country, oppose (critique) TPLF/EPRDF and have a regime that doesn’t fight for the rights of its citizens. Some of these institutional perpetrators of these acts have got some form of linkage or interest with the Ethiopian regime in some way or the other while the rest are racially orientated. The writer of this article experientially knows this first hand. Especially, if one is seen as a potential critique and capable of being an arduous critic, the suppression and en suite control becomes far above the ground.
The sphere of influence of the Ethiopian regime is now well consolidated in the Diaspora as well. It has been reported over a year ago on Ethiopian media in the Diaspora that the Ethiopian regime has been sending its recruits to specifically follow, control and manage potential Ethiopian journalists, opposition, critics and politicians who live in the Diaspora. Evidently, the sphere of influence is reaching us thousands of miles away. Finding justice even in the most democratic nations, mainly being an opposition, media critic of the Ethiopian regime is seemingly being as hard as cracking a nut.
This needs an immediate solution. We need self actualised Ethiopians for instance to establish a new rights organisation. 
Dr. Fisseha Eshetu announced an icebreaker initiative by shading an exemplary light for most accomplished Ethiopians what it means to be a human being and importantly a real Ethiopian. Obang Metho’s SMNE is a good exmaple to model for instance. We can call the organisation “Ethiopian Rights Watch” (ERW). The mission of the ERW will be to fight, stand and advocate the rights of Ethiopians in the Diaspora (then at home) drawing its funds from members and philanthropies. It will provide legal, financial, immigration, social, psychological and informational support and representation to Ethiopians who have left their country and are in need of urgent help.  The abuse by our employers, courts, police, and foreigners who work with the Ethiopian regime can only be mitigated when we establish such an independent NGO that supports Ethiopians living outside their country. Had we one organisation so far, the miseries of our sisters in the Middle East, the injustice, abuse and control of us in the West would have been deterred or at least mitigated. Who is courageous and fast enough to implement ERW? I will be the first to support.


  1. It had been a sadding event to see that the so called western democratic nations appeasing the EPRDF.while it intesifying the abuse of human rights.Etiiopian abroad should do more.

  2. Yes Yoyo man…
    The grip is reaching us in Diaspora that is what i am saying and it should alert and wake us up …for more unity and selfless organsiation that works from our social, immigration to political problems. Take the case of mental problems and domestic violence with the EThiopian Diaspora that is what i mean—needs a concerted effort and solution.

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