As tension escalates, Defence Eng. staff on forced leave

By Derese Tariku , Contributor to De Birhan Media

Addis Abeba- As the tension between Ethiopia and Eritrea escalates following the killing of tourists on the border of the two countries, and Ethiopia has aired a one hour documentary on the State media that accuses and  seeks an “action” on the Eritrean regime. 

Similarily, the Ethiopian Defence Engineering College has also reportedly forced its employees to take a forced leave. 

Sources in the College indicated that the Administration of the College ordered civil servants of the college to take a forced leave, which is a usual happening whenever the Defence Forces ponder to take actions. It was also learned that staff members of Defence Engineering College have been given salary increment. Defence Engineering College is the sole governmental inistitution that trains Ethiopian and other African nation’s military cadets in military engineering skills. Sources say Ethiopia may make a  “a dissecting attack” on selected sites in Eriteria.

In a related development, the issues of Eritrea and the current attacks on tourists in Ethiopia’s border region of Afar are expected to dominate  the discussions of the 18th Ordinary Session of the Summit of the African Union (AU) scheduled to take place from 23 to 30 January 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.