Resolution 2023 (2011) passed as tension between the two countries rises


*Over 200 bus full soldiers head to Northern Ethiopia

By Derese Tariku special for De Birhan Media

Addis Abeba


Over 200 buses that carried soldiers have been seen heading to the Northern part of Ethiopia at dawn. Sources close to De Birhan stated that they have seen buses filled with Ethiopian soldiers in places like Semen Hotel, Sululta and Dejen early in the morning. The destination of the buses has not yet been established however, eyewitness say it is towards the Northern border between Ethiopia and Eritrea

It is to be recalled that the U.N. Security Council on Monday passed resolution 2023 (2011) that put additional sanctions on Eritrea for allegedly providing support to armed groups seeking to destabilize Somalia and other parts of the Horn of Africa.

“This resolution underscores the international community’s condemnation of Eritrea’s destabilizing behaviour … and its support for terrorism,” said Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

“The U.N.’s Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group has documented Eritrea’s support for terrorism, including an appalling, planned attack on the January 2011 African Union Summit in Addis Ababa,” she said. “According to the monitoring group, Eritrea is financing all of these activities through illicit means, including threats and the extortion of a ‘Diaspora tax’ from people of Eritrean descent living overseas.” Thus, the resolution puts sanctions and restrictions on is mining investment and Diaspora tax.

The Eritrean Ministry of Information responded to the resolution saying, “the resolution is yet another injustice perpetrated on the Eritrean people and it will heighten tensions and stoke an already explosive situation in the Horn of Africa”.

As the tension between the two countries intensifies, a Peace and Security analyst fears a new border war between the two countries as Eritrea is being alienated from the international community and neighbouring countries and is sanctioned with successive embargos that would compel the Eritreans to resort to war.