Large scale public demonstration in Addis Abeba


By Ankob Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot


Two little known parties : All Ethiopian Democratic Party (AEDP) and Ethiopian Unity Democratic Organisation (EUDO) have finalised their preparation to call for a large scale peaceful demonstration in Addis Abeba in September 2011.

According to our sources within the parties, the public demonstration will be held in the largest square in Ethiopia, Meskel(Cross) Square. Although the specific date has not yet been disclosed , the demonstration will be held after the Ethiopian year (September 11, 2011).
This period was selected convenient, as most religious denominations finish fasting and students and civil servants will start class and work respectively, the sources detailed.
“The peaceful public demonstration would surely be held next month. Our prior plan was to hold it this month, however, reaching these potential participants was impossible due to the above reasons, so we opted to postpone it.” said the source.
In Ethiopia public demonstrations have been banned or were systematically denied by the City Government that enjoy the ”rights” of denying or allowing demonstrations. Since the 2005 election, there was no public demonstration called by opposition parties, most were refused by the Government. According to these two parties, the Government’s Constitution doesn’t require that demonstrators have to receive a permission from it rather it seeks them to ‘inform’ it that they will be demonstrating.
“And that is what we will be doing, we will just let them know that we will demonstrate. We don’t ask them for permission as their own law doesn’t say so. And we are sure that we will make it.” the source added.

The main points that the parties will be demonstrating are : lack of justice, high cost of living ,heavy taxation, the implementation of the anti-terrorism and Press Law that is “used to stifle dissent”, the sale of Ethiopia’s fertile land via land grab,expelling of employees in the name of structural restructuring, lack of education quality are some of them.

Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Ethiopia or Medrek Party, a consortium of four parties and two dignitaries, refused the call of the two parties to join them in the demonstration fearing infiltration by the Regime.