Crème de la crème of Ethiopia via donations ?


By Ankob Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot

02 -08- 2011
During they heydays of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, when Ethiopian youth were of the Marxist Leninist mentality , lots of minds were lost. Due to the red terror actions taken by the then Marxist dictatorial junta thousands of Ethiopia’s Crème de la crème were lost.Today’s EPRP doesn’t have any of those creams any more but on the Net.
I feel today our nation , poor Ethiopia has few Crème de la crèmes.Ethiopia can’t go long with few illuminants.
I for one, am a poor young man myself with a positive vison to my country, continent and world.I also live on a meagre salary that hasn’t even helped me satisfy my psychological needs.But I may differ from some of you.Why ? because I donate. I donate from my little saving to all those I think are doing good and are in need of help.
I wanna see many Crème de la crème of Ethiopia succeeding and doing well.I love their delight and happiness. I support all those that work for the safety, justice, equality and human rights of human beings and particularly my people.
Unlike some of you,I attempt to walk the talk by donating those who I think should be donated.Within the past 14 months alone I spent around 1000$ through donations.Balancing my account lol .
Some could perhaps say donations are like giving aid , and I say it is in some sense but it depends on who and for what purpose you do donate. So please donate those you think are doing well for the betterment of the world or your own country either individuals or organisations after all , you aren’t giving blood.