When will Ethiopia have a regime that doesn’t shame its citizens going hungry??

*Civil Servants in the West fasting and donating to the drought in the Horn of Africa
* Somalia’s Situation the ”Worst Hunger” in History
By De , Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot
Let me just start by quoting a fellow Ethiopian’s analytical blog on The Creation of New Aid Customers- A Critical Look at the Current Development Practice in Ethiopia; in his assessment the Blogger concludes saying ” In my opinion the current practice of development in Ethiopia has close similarity with international and multi-national business practices. The international financial institutions and bilateral donors are acting like wholesalers and NGOs and the government of developing countries (Ethiopia) are behaving like retailers. The people at the grassroots level are customers of aid services. If the service providers were away from the business, life would be very difficult.”
I like to agree with him in most part. No work of enabling or saving people from social/food welfare has been done.Those who are on safety net (like the social welfare of Europe ) are 13 million in Ethiopia. These people are ok as long as the West/WB/IMF /WFP and bilateral donors continue to bail them out food. The government doesn’t have a long term solution of taking these people out of Welfare and making them free of aid dependence.
I have come across this report Joint Government and Humanitarian Partners’ Revised Humanitarian which states that 4,567,096 people who need assistance that the government says are “on the critical condition before they reach brink of starvation.”
The above table (click on it to enlarge) shows how grave the situation is even if the government fully ignores it.Forget Somalia which has no government or aid agencies that can who can evaluate the situation.
It is true that Food has become as precious as gold for the people of the world.In the coming 50 years , those who could afford to buy food will be the well-to-do ONLY. For instance, North Korea , is a country on the brink of 21st century mass starvation next to the Horn of African countries. Three months ago, United Nations (UN) in its report report stated that more than six million people – a quarter of North Koreans – urgently needed more than 430,000 tonnes of food however,the scale and scope of drought in the Horn of Africa is actually unkindest of all (10 million people at risk of starvation).
The year 2011 has witnessed various major natural disasters; the flooding in Queensland, Australia in January 2011, deadly quake in New Zealand in February 2011, the massive quake and tsunami in Northern Japan in March 2011 are some of them. Now, we are faced with another disaster in the Horn of Africa, a drought that is said to be ‘‘the worst in 60 years’’.
I have been able to gather information from my different contacts on various European countries that civil servants are making pledges to skip their meals for a few days and donate the starving in East Africa.The media knows how to blow such news; so do the NGOs.
Hunger, starvation,famine, poverty, conflict and war are very shameful things ; but they seemingly have become the culture and custom of the people of East Africa especially , i am finding many people from this region who don’t feel ashamed or anything of these things.They say “what can you do.It has become our synonym“.Well, I feel it is better to think so sometimes than burn alone.
Now a 5th nation is added into the list of drought hit countries : UGANDA , a country that has been so cool economically so far has now got the  

slack. And Somalia is said to be in the most ”unimaginable” exacerbatedby the extremist militants.The militants have agreed to hang their guns for the sake of relief work; wish they should forever. As I always said in my old writings and conferences I spoke on, conflict, lack of good governance and freedom are the major causes of hunger/famine , and Somalia and Eastern Ethiopia are good cases at this moment.
Northern Ethiopia which was hit by the worst type of famine when I was 3 or four years old; is now hunger free why ? because there is a relativepeace, stability and huge conservation and food security work going on. Southern Ethiopia,Oromia,and Eastern Ethiopia (Ogaden) which havenever been hungry have now taken the brunt why ? maladministration, neglect by the regime, bad governance, war and lack of peace.
I am saying to myslef crunched in this unfurnished room ” When willEthiopia have a regime that doesn’t shame its citizens going hungry?? ”