HIM Haile Selassie’s birthday to be celebrated in Wabi Shebele Hotel


HIM Haile Sellasie

By Ankob Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot


The birthday of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, former emperor of Ethiopia, will be celebrated in Wabi Shebelle Hotel,Addis Abeba this Satudrday, July 23rd. According to De Birhan’s sources the half day birthday program is going to be commemorated in the presence of dignitaries, artists and grandsons of HIM, particularly Bede-Mariam Mekonen. Haile Selassie I (meaning Power of the Trinity) was born on 23 July 1892 in Harar,Ethiopian.Born Tafari Makonnen, was Ethiopia‘s regent from 1916 to 1930 and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. The heir to a dynasty that traced its origins to the 13th century, and from there by tradition back to King Solomon and Queen Makeda, Empress of Axum, known in the Abrahamic tradition as the Queen of Sheba. A defining figure in both Ethiopian and African history , as described by Wikipedia,Rastafarians perceive Haile Selassie as a messianic figure who will lead a future golden age of eternal peace, righteousness, and prosperity. He himself was an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian throughout his life.
According to Addis Fortune’s July 10,2011 report ” Bede-Mariam Mekonen (grandson of HIM) and his brothers, the four progenies of the late Prince Mekonen Haile-Selassie, won their suit to reclaim ownership of Wabe Shebelle Hotel, after 15 years of dispute with the mighty power of the state. The 108 room hotel, one of the landmarks of Addis Abeba, located on Ras Mekonen Street, is now back with the royal family after they paid 25 million Br in backward costs to the government“.
After the passing away of Prince Mekonnen, the emperor’s son who died in a car accident on Debre Zeit Road, the emperor had given the hotel as a gift to the former’s children.

De Birhan wishes the best of Enlightenment to all those who are celebrating HIM Hailesellasie’s birthday all over the world.

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