Former Tele CEO lands at a Pvt. Company;Mobile Money in Ethiopia?


Amare Amsalu

By Anko Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot

Amare Amsalu, the last Ethiopian to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the state-owned telecom provider Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC), who resigned in September 2010 has found a new job as a Director at an Irish owned private company, M-BIRR.
Previously, he had held many other positions over the last 16 years in ETC including Fixed Line General Manager, North-Western Region Manager and Southern Region Deputy Manager. Amare who holds, an MBA from the Open University Business School will work as the Director of the M-BIRR under James Noctor, the CEO and Thierry Artaud – COO and GM of Ethiopian Operation.
M-BIRR Limited is an Irish company founded in Dublin in 2009. The M-BIRR Ethiopian subsidiary (M-BIRR ICT Services PLC) was set up in Addis Ababa the following year after extensive market research in Ethiopia, according to the Company’s Website.M-BIRR is focused exclusively on the Ethiopian market for the delivery of mobile money services.
M-BIRR customers include:

  • Dedebit Credit and Savings Institution S.C. (DECSI)
  • Amhara Credit and Savings Institution S.C. (ACSI)
  • Oromia Credit and Savings S.C. (OCSSCO)
  • Addis Credit and Savings Institution S.C. (ADCSI)
  • Omo Microfinance S.C. (OMO)

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