Ethiopians Disconnected!!!


By Anko Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot

Phoned back home to my parents home. I was informed that a robber has been in the house and stole clothes and parts of their parked convertible. Very bad. I am here thousands of kilometres away , so can’t be of any help than consoling them. Crime rate in Addis Abeba has sky-rocketed than any-other time . Nairobi,Kenya and Jo Berg,South Africa have been famous for criminality. Addis is now joining the list with the inclusion of armed robbers marching in the city. Well, it is easy to know that crime rate goes up when there is extreme inequality within society, sociologists have a terminology for it.The thieves who stole my parents home belongings are not any aliens but youngsters who couldn’t make ends meet for various reasons and found themselves poor; the country can’t feed or help them. There are thieves here in the European country that I am in too but the ones here steal due to ”greed” and ours steal because of poverty. I feel bad for them,God love them.But when it comes to you and the one
who is stolen is you then you say they have to be curtailed…stopped…locked up …and punished,this is called retributive justice in legal terms. I did feel the same when it came to us,,,, i said you should report them and get them locked up!! But I then said well you can’t blame them they live in an extremely desprate situation where there regime can’t rescue them either from emigration or dying from poverty.
According to a close fiend of mine , a veteran journalist , whom i asked about the alarming crime in Addis Abeba, he said…. “There is huge crime in Addis Abeba, the government and police are controlling revolution not the criminals “. That is a great view from an Addis Abeban who was a victim of daylight robbery himself. The government is hunting revolutionaries not criminals who are giving the innocent public a hard time.He needs them as they rather keep the public busy from thinking and working towards change. I say it again, the regime in Ethiopia cares less about the budding robbers, thieves and vagabonds- it rather cares and locks the revolutionary youth.

My main theme here is not the above subject.It is the hunger and poverty again as always. About disconnected Ethiopians. Who are they ? They are the likes of you and me. They are the successful Ethiopian educators, thinkers, professors, business people and the elites.They are the disconnected Ethiopians. We are.
There are many Ethiopians than many other African countries who are in higher positions in international organisations and prestigious universities.We even have very key guys in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.We have very amazingly beautiful world-class super models.Africa’s richest tycoon is an Ethiopian too. We have all these and that that could be described as ”successful” in the Western sense of it. But they are still disconnected. These thousands of successful Ethiopians, who are spread all around the world are disconnected.

Disconnected from what ?

Disconnected from our senses, the reality and the truth. The reality and the truth is that Ethiopians and Ethiopia is an extremely poor country- the ‘hungriest’ nation on earth with millions of clever,wise and successful people. Wherever you, to which ever ”big” organisation or organisation you go to wherever in the world, you will surely find professional Ethiopians who play key part in the organisations and make a good living for themselves.The problem comes, when it relates to a collective and cooperative success. I know most of them tried their best and finally lost hope on Ethiopia. However, they never , i hope been part of any campaign or movement that has attempted to raise the awareness of Ethiopians worldwide and make them connect with our poorness and hunger and backwardness and root it out once and for all. We need to be connected.

It is my stand and belief that a change of politics is one of the fundamental methods of rooting it out. The problem needs a multidimensional,holistic and regional solution meaning from politics, cultural,religious,social to management, administration, governmental , peace and what have you.Nevertheless,each and everyone of us individually, need to stop the disconnection… the cars we drive, the houses we live in, the luxuries life we live, the expensive stuffs we have at our homes show our disconnection. When we live , we live like there is nothing going on behind us…that our brothers and sisters are starvingggggg . We avoid that…we individually live like other individuals in the richest nations live…there is nothing with that…but still i see a full disconnection in us. So,we need connection.

So ?
  • stop the disconnection
  • comeback to your senses
  • come , meet,organise and work towards rooting out poverty,hunger and famine
  • Works towards a political change
  • Whenever you buy the expensive cars,make important decisions in the international organisations you work in and universities you teach, luxuriously indulge ourselves – please remember your poorest brothers and sisters at home and in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Djibouti,Somalia,Uganda ).
  • Lets work for a sustainable solution not a fire-fighting work