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By Anko Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot


Eskinder Video/DSTV Bet (Mini Cinema), Doro Manekiya , Addis Abeba,Ethiopia.

That was the place that me and my friend used to go to watch MTV Live and Channel O Music Channel. We were the plain folks then. Every new song- we know-we sing–we rap–. Felt so coooooool.

We paid one Ethiopian Birr for one movie and around 45 minutes of live music from both channels.Most came for the movie but we for the live music.

And one day this beautiful girl came on the channel , Avril Lavigne (complicated),2002. None of us knew her but Eskinder(Somalew) sung along. All of us went hmmmm…. Then we researched her…and we sang along too.
And no singing here alone …complicated… at least for now it is consoling me …
Avril LavigneCover of Avril Lavigne
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  1. Me as well used to go there in 2002/03..>Who you by de way?

    Lavigne filed for divorce from Whibley in October of 2009. The dissolution of their union featured heavily on her next album, 2011’s Goodbye Lullaby, which included tracks produced by Whibley.

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