Aid to Starvinggggggg Ethiopians ? Ok ,,,mmm.. aright


Why is there no rain in the Horn only?

By Anko Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot


I was at work this morning …and first thing ,,,when i was switching on the computers at my of my stereotyped workmates came in. He said ”Hey I was just watching the Tele and they said one of the worst famines in the world is gonna happen around your country; Somalia,Kenya, and Ethiopia. ” . Well so what ? I said. I always try not to be rude and i was not for saying that.

It amazes me how stereotyped some Westerners are. A former workmate who went to Ethiopia for a visit last summer with all the negative perceptions of starving children with flies and insects on their faces,shanty streets and towns and so on was gobsmacked by what he saw in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia. Sky-rocketing buildings,world’s expensive cars,healthy and amazingly generous and intelligent people.
As a man brought up in the city , that was all I knew too- comfort and good life,at least by the Ethiopian standard. The hunger and hungry of Ethiopia are less discussed in our family or within Addis Abeban’s – the rural hungry are considered as non existent. It is since i came to Europe that i have practically and vividly saw my fellow hungry Ethiopian’s from here. Europeans knew the Ethiopia of ”them”(starving) than the Ethiopia of ”us”- the majority who at least afford a meal and can live like anyone. They have , I hope , seen the other Ethiopia through me and others of my type. Ethiopia and Ethiopians have a huge image problem. I hope to form an Organisation in the future whose work would solely be ”changing” that image. This country that i am in or many other European countries were desperately poor some 30 years ago, around my age. What goes around…. I thought i told ya,,,,.
This year 10 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are at risk of hunger/famine. Those who are ”begging” on behalf of us say” this could be the worst ever”.hmmmmm
My workmate has some good point today ” Why do Kenyans who supply us one of the best and largest amount of fruits and vegetables starve. If you go down to all the supermarkets down here, all the vegetables are from Kenya, so how can these people starve? We should stop importing till they use their own produce themselves.” Here comes the land grab issue- what multinationals produce in the largest plantations of Kenya(Africa) by the labour of the poor farmers are all exported and the poor farmers die stravinggggggggggggg as the Western Europe media these days prefer to call it. They say….” The government gave millions to starvinggggg Ethiopians”.
By they way why is there NO rain year after year in the Horn of Africa? Why is there drought in the Horn always ? Why does the Western media prefer to focus and highlight on the Ethiopian starvation while the 10 million starving are from three countries of the Horn.
The current regime of Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia has not skipped from making Ethiopia a hunger free nation like its precedents of the past 50 years. It has rather been worse under this government because , the number of the hungered has doubled, it has become a regular thing happening annually than being an all out famine like before, propagated it to the urban areas.
The ‘Malthusian’ theory argues that famine is a matter of the balance of population and environmental resources.This theory highlighted a major problem: population will expand greater than food supplies, and mass starvation would prevail.Neo-Malthusians argue that hyperexponential population growth has begun or will begin soon in developed countries. To this can be added that farmland deteriorates with use.I have read in various writings that refer the Malthusian writings both the classical and the neo as subscribers of the view that hunger,famine and other catastrophes are ways of population control “balance or recycling”.

Let me finish with the e-mail message i just sent to some ”VIP” i just knew recently , ” Anyway, One thing i would like to assure you is that- When the day that Ethiopia will have a government of the people by and for the people– all this problems will perish. Currently, there are 3million hungry people in Ethiopia and the West is now crying to feed us–our total population in 83million—had we had a democratic and capable government the 80million would have taken care of the mere 3 million . Like for instance by a one family sponsoring one hungry family and like that. “