Advertorial :Save Ethiopian Refugees International (SERI)

As many of you are aware there are several hundred Ethiopian refugees
in Libya and thousands in Yemen who are caught in the cross fire due to
the on-going fighting. These Ethiopians are dying and sufferings beyond
imagination due to neglect by Humanitarian Organizations operating in
the area. They are not receiving same protection and resettlement
assistance because not enough voices are highlighting their dire
situation. Many are denied refugee status and trying dangerous
alternatives to get out of harm’s way. There are many women and
children among these Ethiopian brothers and sisters of us. They are not
asking for much, just a few minutes of your time to write a letter, make a
phone call, or email any official or organization you think could help.
Please do your part to help them. Write to your elected officials to bring
their plights to their attention. You can use the sample letter below to
modify it as you see fit and send by mail, fax or email. If each and every
one of us does this we may be able to save the lives of these remaining
fellow Ethiopians.

You can also sign the online the petition drive to add your voice to the
campaign to save these refugees.

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========================Sample Letter==========================
To: (Name of official)
(Office Name)
(Office Address)
(Telephone Number if known)
(Fax number if known)
Dear (Title Name),
I am writing to you to express our great concerns about Ethiopian
refugees who are presently facing difficulties to escape the growing
crisis in Libya and Yemen due to lack of support from humanitarian
As we speak, due to the insufficient support from the UNHCR and other
Humanitarian organization on the ground, hundreds of Ethiopians who
flee Ethiopia due to political persecution are taking desperate and
dangerous attempts to escape the growing violence in Libya and Yemen.
This is causing lose of many lives. For example, in one recent incidence
about 70 Ethiopians who were left in a locked container for days due to
the disagreement with smugglers / human traffickers were found all dead.
In another occasion about 80 Ethiopians were left in small boat that
drifted on the Mediterranean ocean for days and only 9 of them made it
back to Libya. The remaining 69 perished from hunger and exhaustion.
These and many other incidences could have been prevented if the
UNHCR and the other Humanitarian institutions in Libya and Yemen had
provided significant and appropriate support to the refugees to resettle
them to a safe third country.
I urge you to call local UNHCR representatives and humanitarian
organization to immediately help the neglected Ethiopian refugees in
Libya and Yemen and expedite their settlement to the third country.
(Contact phone number)
(Contact email address)