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By Anko Zuta ,De Birhan’s Blogger


* Unhappy with the newly introduced taxi zoning system- most taxi drivers in Addis Abeba have called for a major civil disobedience on May 16th and 17th,2011. “We all have agreed not to work on these two days.” a taxi driver from Kolfe commented.Some taxi drivers who have tried to stop work in protest to the new system, claimed to have been harassed and beaten by Federal Police.
“The new zoning system was supposed to “ease” the transport problem, that rather made hundreds walk in morning. And half of the asphalt roads are filled with residents wanting to get back home. all taxi’s are assigned under specific locations, ‘ketenas’. I am telling u, neither the system makers nor the taxi owners know how to go about it, meanwhile the public is suffering.” someone commented on Facebook page.
Similar system was applied in the late days of the former regime, Derg, in 1991 and it was successful back then .

** Business people ordered to change thier trade licence before June 7,2011. New applicants for a new trade licence are being asked to save their start up capital in Banks and submit the map of the shop that they will being doing the business on.Most landlords are refusing to give their map to the tenants.
Those who went to change their older trade license were also asked to put their start up capital in bank. Those who won’t abide by this will have their license returned and with financial punishment .

*** Siye is going to live in America for one year .The main opposition Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) figure Siye Abrha will leave for the United States on a year-long scholarship offer at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government.

UDJ general-secretary Andualem Arage confirmed Siye is leaving for the US. “Ato Siye has submitted his resignation from the post, a vice chair in charge of public relations, to use this good opportunity and his resignation has been accepted,” Andualem told Capital on Friday.

According to the general-secretary, UDJ could replace Siye during the weekend’s scheduled council meeting.

Siye’s departure follows the party’s leader Birtukan Midekssa’s leaving for the US. Capital, on February 20, first reported that Birtukan would leave for the states. The sixty-member council, whose 55 members confirmed their attendance on Saturday, could replace Birtukan. The party general-secretary Andualem said that the council could also decide to elect a new leader at the May party general congress. Former president Negasso Gidada is currently acting chair of the party. source (

Endet new Americanochu eyashehsubne new weyes eyaselteneulen?


  1. Siye’s departure was publicised long ago.Actually…do u see the andinet party getting emptied ?
    The most strongest pillars of the party are leaving…ain’t they?

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