Major Developments at EEPCo as part of its ‘Reorganisation’ Program


By Anko Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot
Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) staffs are currently under a continuous meeting with Debretsion G/Michael,the Board Chairman of EEPCo and Miheret Debebe, the CEO. EEPCo is set to finalise the ‘reorganisation’ of the Corporation in this budget year.
The Corporation’s 25 years master plan under discussion.

The new Board Chairmanship appointment of Debretsion G/Michael was with the aim of applying an EthioTelecom type of ‘reorganization’ in EEPCo.

EEPCo employs over 9,000 permanent and more than 3,000 contractual workers. Half of these Staffs will be laid off.

In a similar way to EthioTelecom, Bill collection of EEPCo will be passed on to Ethiopian Postal Service.

There will be a 10 % salary increment to EEPCo staffs as of July 2011 and their two months’ salary will be paid to them as bonus. This is deemed to be an appeasement and preparation strategy for the major lay off.

All Garage and mechanical works of EEPCo will be transferred to Metals and Engineering Corporation of Ethiopia, an offshoot of Ethiopian Defense Ministry and cluster of engineering firms, putting the future and employability of EEPCo’s staffs from garage and mechanical branches in the redundant circle.