Leader of Ethiopia’s strongest opposition movement says ”popular revolution is inevitable ”


” Beka” online revolution in the making
By Anko Zuta, Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot
Dr.Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, one of the ‘Strongest’ opposition movements in Ethiopia said ”popular revolution is inevitable in Ethiopia.” In the remarks he gave at the hearing of the Committee on Economic Development and Cooperation; German Bundestag on the16th March 2011, he said the existence of a dictatorship makes popular revolutions necessary.
“The struggle for freedom and democracy is not something fashioned to a particular time or country; it is a perpetual process entrenched in the human spirit. Therefore, a popular revolution is inevitable in Ethiopia because whenever dictatorship is a fact, popular uprising becomes a right. Though I spent a good part of my life fighting to see a change in my country, today; I have a great fear as the much awaited change approaches because although a popular uprising is inevitable in Ethiopia, the outcome of such an uprising may be uncertain and can easily take the entire horn region where none of us want to see because even more than Libya and Egypt, Ethiopia is a country of deep ethic and religious cleavages; and knowing what is on the way, the regime in Addis Ababa has already started to foment discord among ethnic and religious communities. ” he warned.
In this special address, that caught the listenership in ” agape”, Dr.Berhanu compared the negligence of the International community especially the West to the calls of Ethiopians for freedom and democracy to what happened over 70 years ago when Ethiopia was invaded by ‘fascist Italy’.
” During the 2nd world War, the world stood together to avert the attack on civilization. But, at exactly the same time, this same world blessed Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia and vigorously supported Italy by denying Ethiopia’s right to defend itself. Today, after 70 years, I see history repeating itself. The Western nations including Germany are graciously helping a vicious dictator in Ethiopia that denies freedom and abuses the human rights of his people.” he lamented.

In a similar development, “Beka” literally translated as “Enough” the slogan for the ‘upcoming Ethiopian revolution” has achieved its target by becoming the Facebook profile picture and mobile screen saver of many Ethiopians. The slogan has hit its target in penetrating a large number of people and influencing many .
“Ethiopians are saying BEKA(Enough) to dicatatorship ,oppression, injustice, inslavemnt and undemocratic rule” a young speaker said at the end of Dr.Berhanu Nega’s public meetings in Frankfurt,Germany.
On the communication side,Gmail chat is not working in Ethiopia.There have been reports since the last two months that Gmail is connected in HTML format and that Ethiopians were unable to chat.Although Gmail accounts are automatically enabled with chat features, in the case of Ethiopian Gmail users- none of that is legible.Quick Contacts box is not also appearing.Therefore,no Gmail chat in/with Ethiopia/ns.


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