Al Jazeera the ‘catalyst’ of interplanetary revolutions is back in Ethiopia with new Frequency


By Staffer of this Blog


The ‘Spinner and catalyst of interplanetary revolutions’ as I call it, is back in Ethiopia with new Frequency after being jammed since 20th February 2011 by the Ethiopian regime.

Joyous Ethiopians watching the Satellite Channel in Addis Abeba informed this Blogger that they are delighted that Al Jazeera resumed with a new Frequency on Arab Sat.Al Jazeera has been the dominant Satellite TV Channel that has been watched since the Arab Protests began in Tunisia two months ago.

The ruling regime in Ethiopian is popular for jamming media such as VOA ,ESAT TV and Al JaZeera.

Ethiopian Review had reported last week ,”Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi has jammed Al Jazeera today, according to residents in Addis Ababa. Meles has also been jamming Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT). In an anticipation of imminent revolt in Ethiopia, the Meles regime has been taking preemptive measures, such as warning parents to prevent their children from taking part in any anti-government activity, deploying heavy weapons on major streets, and blocking internet sites.”


The new frequency is:

Arabsat 2A

Frequency No. 10730

Symbol rate 27500

FEC Auto
Polarization – Horizontal


The amazing and live reportings of revolutions by Al Jazeera especially of the Egyptian revolution begs for a new media theory . The role of media in revolution,the pros and cons, the merits and demerits should all be researched by media pundits.
I assemble the role of Al Jezeera cum media in general in the current interplanetary revolutions against tyrants and dictators having some similarity with Magic Bullet or Hypodermic Needle Theory.Although a bit obsolete and less scientifically founded,this theory propounded the view that the mass media had a powerful influence on the mass audience and could deliberately alter or control peoples’ behavior and also implied that implied mass media had a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences. .The theory suggests that the mass media could influence a very large group of people directly and uniformly by ‘shooting’ or ‘injecting’ them with appropriate messages designed to trigger a desired response.
I would effectively disagree with the theory’s induction that ‘media is a dangerous means of communicating an idea because the receiver or audience is powerless to resist the impact of the message’ as in today’s secnario the medium ,Al JaZeera is rather empowering the audience than making them powerless receiver.

Magic bullet theory model

Source: Katz & Lazarsfeld (1955)


The classic example of the application of the Magic Bullet Theory was illustrated on October 30, 1938 when Orson Welles and the newly formed Mercury Theater group broadcasted their radio edition of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds.”On the eve of Halloween, radio programming was interrupted with a “news bulletin” for the first time. What the audience heard was that Martians had begun an invasion of Earth in a place called Grover’s Mill, New Jersey.

It became known as the “Panic Broadcast” and changed broadcast history, social psychology, civil defense and set a standard for provocative entertainment. Approximately 12 million people in the United States heard the broadcast and about one million of those actually believed that a serious alien invasion was underway. A wave of mass hysteria disrupted households, interrupted religious services, caused traffic jams and clogged communication systems. People fled their city homes to seek shelter in more rural areas, raided grocery stores and began to ration food. The nation was in a state of chaos, and this broadcast was the cause of it.

Media theorists have classified the “War of the Worlds” broadcast as the archetypal example of the Magic Bullet Theory. This is exactly how the theory worked, by injecting the message directly into the “bloodstream” of the public, attempting to create a uniform thinking. The effects of the broadcast suggested that the media could manipulate a passive and gullible public, leading theorists to believe this was one of the primary ways media authors shaped audience perception.

That is why I see the same scenario happening toady,although today’s is full truth. As in the earlier case of “War of the World’s” todays “War of the Revolution’s ” effect being professionally and objectively broadcast by world media is pragmatically reinstating the Magic Bullet Theory.