By Staffer

Keith Griffin,1989, on Alternative Strategies for Economic Development says “Lloyd Reynolds has recently surveyed the vast qulaitiave and quanititaive literature on world economic growth and his findings. …Begins by distinguishing between economic ‘extensive growth’ – when population and production increase at about the same pace and ‘ intensive growth’ –when per capita output begins to rise and calls the periods that separate them ‘ the turning point’ … and concludes that the ‘turning point ’ is usually associated with a marked rise in exports.”

Keith on the same page says ” …. Thus the end of colonialism and imperialism coincided, for a large proportion of the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America with the period when the capacity to produce first began to rise appreciably faster than population.There is nothing magical about full sovereignty and independence. Ethiopia and Liberia, after all, were independent countries but they failed to develop. Their ruling elites were exploitive of the majority of the population and the regimes can perhaps best be described as a form of internal colonialism. Governments can and do peruse policies which harm the well being of their people, sometimes severely, and Reylonds surely is right when he says that ‘the single most important explanatory variable is political organisation and administrative competence of government’.”

I am highly devastated,decimated,disgruntled and partly despaired. ” Sending a stick over an itching scar” How do we Ethiopians solve this endlessly dehumanizing privation? When will we have leaders who walk than talk? Watching the video below also compelled me to posit ” is political organisation and administrative competence of government” nonexistent to at least protect these food ”scavenging” citizens of ours?
God Help Us!!!!!
Watch the video , below , though the language is dutch – the video speaks all languages of the world.