Holla To my Sululta Homies

Residents of Sululta town have become beckons of freedom and dissent against repression by conducting a protest that culminated in the obliteration of unlawfully held land and corrupt administration.
As to our source,the problem rose after the Mayor of Sululta,Seyoum Hailu, was aware that he would be removed from his position as a result of which he started selling land illegally. The residents of the area whose land was being illegally sold took action against the Mayor ( he was badly beaten) & those who bought the land illegally.
The looters and administrators were hugely attacked by the rioters who owned the land for decades .The federal police was brought form addis to help the regional police force.The situation is calm now & half of the federal police,around 1000 but half of them are still there, had been returning to Addis since Wednesday 9/11/10. They returnee Federal police members were seen with military vehicles( ayfa, open vehicles).
Sululta, in the Oromia Special Zone, is located 25km north of Addis Abeba. It boasts 320 investors with a capital of 3.7 billion Br. Among the large investors in the area are Great Abyssinia Plc, Yanfon Tex Plc, Allied Chemical Plc, Nile Petroleum, China-Africa Overseas Leather Products, and a number of flower farms.The land sale, investment and developmental transactions in Sululta have been highly criticized for being highly corrupt and anti-poor.The town had seen changes of over half a dozen of Mayors in the past five years.
Three months ago, the Sululta Town Administration plans to reclaim 84,609sqm of land that has been leased to 19 developers.