Where are the Gundans (ants)?


By Ankober

I miss Gundans.
Do you guys know Gundan(ant)?Not the ants of the scorpion movies of Hollywood but the ants of Addis,Ethiopia.The real gundans that creep in to your skin and bite you.Those are the gundans that I am discoursing about.But what typologies will gundan have in the current political struggle in Ethiopia?
1. The first typology in this prognosis is the hard working quality of Gundans.From the fall of dawn to dusk, Gundans work hard to feed not individually but cooperatively. They teach homo-sapiens that success and strength are not outcomes of individualistic and insular efforts but of cooperative,collaborative and mutual.They say albeit the African (Ethiopian ) society is generally described as more of communal or in the words of the famous Ghanaian philosopher,Kwame Geyke ‘moderate communitarianism’, realities on the ground , particularly in the case of Ethiopian politician , individualism takes the precedence and the reign.We take our individual pride,success, ascendancy than our next door or community.Do gundans do alike?
2.The second analogy has to do with the very silent,careful and integrated way of attack or combat that they afflict on their enemies or preys.Gundans never boast or bark to attack they silently enter via you trouser and say to you “who is your mami?”. You know what to say. This strategy of the gundans recounts Winston Churchill’s famous saying “An appeaser is a person who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.Do Ethiopia’s oppositions or the society in general apply this tactic?

3. The 3rd interesting analogy came from the reasoning that gundans won’t touch you unless you go to thier territory.I found this reality interestingly put in one of my friends blog as such,

”I and a newly-made-friend, Selam, were discussing/rather complaining about the bites when a guy whose name, I later learned, is Sami, chipped in a very good theory of why these ants bite. He said, “Don’t tamper with these ants. Just don’t mind them even if they trek under clothes. They don’t harm you if you don’t trouble them. Otherwise, they become defensive and keep bothering you.” Isn’t it what we witness everyday with our politics? I am not arguing that we should keep our distance from politics, I am just suggesting that there is so much more to helping one’s motherland than being immersed in the politics. We can do important things (such as tree planting) without having to anger the short-tempered ants. Don’t get me wrong, by ants I mean ants. Hope you understand.”

The excrept has a double meaning.We toady’s youth and politicians have this worng view that unless you touch the EPRDf/TPLF’s , they won’t bother you.Do we have to live slavishly in order not to be eaten by the gundans?

Similarly, as to my little understanding this same writer is stating that we can work underground,with a covert mission and action like gundans to to bite and overthrow ,the authoritarians.This is the gold of the quote. ”We can do important things (such as tree planting) without having to anger the short-tempered ants” .